Learn what it takes to build a prototype in this fast paced competition.

Thank you for signing up for the NSBE Region 2 FRC Hackathon!

 Challenge: Create a tool/product that enables the use of communal finances.

Here is the agenda* for the competition:

  • September 30th - Registration link
  • October 16th - close registration
  • October 18th - send out confirmation and team assignments
  • October 21st - get final team confirmations
  • October 22nd - send out Topic for Hackathon to confirmed teams
  • November 3rd - submissions (through GitHub) 
  • November 8th - presentations of hackathons


*Agenda is subject to change, even on the site.

Please don't forget to join the Slack channel for communication purposes at http://bit.ly/r2frcvhack19

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$900 in prizes

First Place (4)

Amazon Gift Card

Second Place (4)

Amazon Gift Card

Third Place (4)

Amazon Gift Card

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


If you did not sign up for the hackathon via google form prior to October 16, and confirm your team and participation by October 22nd, you ARE NOT eligible to participate.


- Must build a functional product/application that answers the prompt

- Must create a presentation following presentation guidelines for demoing to the judges

- Must submit all items by 11:45PM on Sunday, November 3rd, 2019


Anthony Dobson

Anthony Dobson
Security Engineer - Carnegie Melon University

Gregory Kesden

Gregory Kesden
Associate Teaching Professor - Carnegie Melon University

Judging Criteria

  • Feasibility
    Can this idea be implemented in the real world? Is it practical?
  • Creativity
    Is this design original?
  • User Experience/Design
    Is this user-friendly?
  • Social Good
    Is this socially impactful?
  • Relevant
    Does this answer the prompt?


  • Fintech
  • Productivity
  • Social Good